Unification, integration and strengthening of regional capacities by:

  • creating a network of excellence in the provision of health services, medical research (fundamental, preclinical and clinical) and medical education between entities with expertise in the field of obesity/ diabetes/ nutrition diseases.
  • bridging the gap between knowledge and practice in the management of obesity, diabetes and other nutritional disorders by strengthening institutional capacity and a multidisciplinary approach.
  • generating synergies between the research system, medical practice and the education system, which aim to improve health and health services at the regional level (development of policies, protocols and guidelines)


  1. Creation and development of a transnational and multidisciplinary network (research / medical services / education) consisting in the establishment of 12 thematic centers interconnected, serving the regional population in the border area. This network will consist of:
    • a “HARD” pillar: an infrastructure (network of new equipped centers) that will provide direct medical services for the population of the region and research and education services on behalf of the partner universities.
    • a “SOFT” pillar: the formation of connections / flows and an interdisciplinary concept of unification and combination of several approaches to the pathologies of obesity / diabetes / nutrition diseases.
  2. Development of the educational system in the field of medicine in the region and institutional development of the partners through the acquisition of facilities and the establishment of research and teaching laboratories in the two partner institutions.
  3. Improving population counseling services, service management, regulation and public policy in the treatment / prophylaxis / prevention of obesity, diabetes and other nutritional disorders, by involving decision makers and providing proposals for policies, guidelines and good practice protocols.