Who are we addressing?

  • Doctors: training, use of infrastructure, beneficiaries of information (over-specialty) from all centers and in addition from the entire professional body (70)
  • Family physicians: expertise in diabetes management - risk score algorithms for evaluation of predisposed people (100)
  • Researchers: expertise, research, training, new infrastructures, new (extended) research base, complementary data (biology, chemistry, bioengineering) (17)
  • PhD students: molecular biology, cell biology, cardiology, nephrology, pneumology, pharmacology, bioengineering (11)
  • Students (150)
  • Nurses (35)
  • Non-medical staff (including research) in the field of public health, medical sociology, epidemiology, psychology

Who are the beneficiaries?

  • Patients: estimated 600 adults, 250 children and adolescents
  • Population (estimated 1 million) ROMANIA 4 eligible counties and REPUBLIC OF MOLDOVA